Meet The VAHQ Team

Our Story

What Makes Us Unique?

The origin story of The VA HQ begins with our adventures as solo travellers. Aleasha and Sheila first crossed paths in Ghana and have been travel buddies ever since. As luck would have it, we met Thaakirah the following year in Cape Town, and as our friendship blossomed, we soon realised we have a unique yet complimentary mix of skills in design, marketing and administration. This was the light bulb moment that led us to launch The VA HQ, our international virtual assistant agency!

When you work with us, you’re not simply outsourcing tasks; you’re tapping into the priceless knowledge we gained from our diverse backgrounds, travel experiences and industry expertise to implement innovative workflow solutions that maximise the efficiency of your business.

Aleasha Mayer

Jamaican / English

Favourite Tasks:

Meet Aleasha, our versatile Marketing, Web Design and Travel specialist. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Branding and a Diploma in Fashion Design, Aleasha brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to our team. With over 8 years of marketing experience and 5 years in web design and maintenance, Aleasha excels in crafting compelling brand stories and creating visually stunning websites. Aleasha’s work history extends to the travel industry, encompassing everything from cruises to package holidays. Having personally explored over 20 countries across 4 continents – Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa – Aleasha brings firsthand knowledge and insights to her travel planning services. As a longstanding user of Airbnb, she understands the importance of creating memorable experiences for travellers.

Sheila Feruzi

Tanzanian / Norwegian

Favourite Tasks:

Meet Sheila, our multi-talented Project Manager and Creative Writer. With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, Film & Creative Writing, Sheila brings a rich background in creativity and storytelling to our team. With 7 years of business operations experience in the film industry and 3 years of expertise in copywriting, Sheila is adept at overseeing projects from inception to completion, managing communications effectively and crafting engaging written content. In her free time, Sheila enjoys exploring her passion for cooking, dancing, fitness and creative writing, further inspiring her creativity.

Thaakirah Miller

Cape Malay / South African

Favourite Tasks:

Meet Thaakirah, our talented Business Operations and Graphic Design specialist. With a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication (Illustration major) and a Diploma in Interior Design, Thaakirah brings a unique blend of creativity and design expertise to our team. With 5 years of experience in customer service and 4 years in business operations, creative direction and project management, Thaakirah excels in managing projects and keeping our clients informed and happy! Specializing in Marketing, Graphic Design and Illustration, Thaakirah designs top quality engaging and effective marketing materials. In her free time, Thaakirah enjoys sewing, relaxing at the beach, cooking delicious meals, practicing yoga and exploring nature through hiking adventures.